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    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Primetime Primate Production Lineup Update

    Dear Smirk Studios Fans,

    It seems there was a misunderstanding with the new animator. WingDemon wishes to ONLY do the backgrounds, which turns out to be fine, because there's MORE good news.

    NOW I have someone who's ACTUALLY interested in the animation position. He's a little better than I am, so I will most likely be doing some actual animating as well. He goes by SirHenryStudios on Newgrounds, and he's bound to be perfect for this position.

    Now the plan is, get the backgrounds from the backgrounds guy, give that to the animator, and then when that's done, give that to the sound engineer. Then we give THAT to the public! Sounds easy when you say it like THAT... LOL, so hang in there, people! This is gonna be big!