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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Love Your Pet Expo Deadline

    Dear Smirk Studios Fans,

    *Update - 4/4 - 4:40 pm - Scene 4 fully lip synced, waiting backgrounds.

    Hey fans! I'm afraid I have a spot of bad news for you. I missed the deadline to have my toon I've been working so hard on featured at the Love Your Pet Expo. I let them down, my fans down, and myself down. I openly apologize, and it seems that the amount of dialog in this toon was longer than I originally anticipated. At the rate of 20 frames a second for a roughly five minute cartoon, you can fully understand my struggle. I really thought I could do it, but I put my goal just out of my own reach.
    On the other hand, this is only my second animation for someone else, and therefore was a huge learning experience. I learned how to construct my cartoon better, and I also learned how to gauge the period of time I can get an animation done based on the length and amount of dialog. I'd like to thank Suz Molthop and Katie Ball at the LYPE personally for their support through this learning experience. Thanks you guys!
    On one more note, I have enabled anonymous commentary on this blog, so feel free to comment without having a blogger account! Please include your name and email if I don't already have it. Thanks everyone! I wont let you down again!

    4/4 - 4:40
    Ok, here is scene 5 with Lennie the llama all fully lip synced. 2 more scenes to go! Here you see him telling you about the Charity Auction.

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