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    Friday, April 3, 2009

    Love Your Pet Expo Lip Sync

    Dear Smirk Studios Fans,

    *Update - 4/3 - 3:10 pm - Scene 2 complications fixed, lip syncing now.
    *Update - 4/3 - 4:20 pm - Scene 2 fully lip synced. Awaiting backgrounds.
    *Update - 4/3 - 5:50 pm - Scene 3 fully lip synced. Awaiting backgrounds.

    The final hour is upon us, and this SHOULD be the last day of work. I know it's due today, but due to unique complications with scene 2, it will be either the end of the day or early in the morning. Stay patient!!!
    A special thanks to Jeff Short for commenting on a previous post regarding the LYPE toon, and another thanks to him and his team of voice actors for their amazing work. Thanks guys!

    4/3 - 5:50 pm
    Ok, Gizmo now has moving lips in Scene 3. 3 more to go! In this pic, he is showing an example of what toys and crafts are made at the Kidz Korner.

    4/3 - 4:20 pm
    The Dora the donkey scene (Scene 2) is fully lip synced. Here we see Dora informing us that she might win the costume contest this year.

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