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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Love Your Pet Expo Audio Cuts

    Dear Smirk Studios Fans,

    Sorry for the 2 days of no updates! This does not mean our deadline will be missed for this commercial, but for anyone looking forward to the release of Teen Pijinz this Sunday (March 22), due to personal issues (both good and bad), I will be pushing the deadline to around April 11th (my birthday). Sorry for the inconvenience.

    For the Love Your Pet Expo commercial, we are still on schedule. After some yard work at my parents' house, I was able to cut up all the audio and put it in chronological order with all the final takes. It is clipped up and ready to be inserted into Flash. I will be producing a storyboard for it this week, and it should be done fairly soon.

    It sounds so great, I wish I could show it to someone!!! LOL but alas, I must wait, just like you. Stay tuned, more updates will be here! Keep an eye on my Twitter for constant daily updates and little snippets of what's happening here in the world I call my studio!!! Peace and love!

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