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    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Love Your Pet Expo

    Dear Smirk Studios Fans,

    Ok, the first update for the upcoming Love Your Pet Expo is here! I have a couple images for you to see what I will be working with.

    First, here is what the character already looks like before I try to recreate him. You can see that he is a happy dog with plenty of personality in his expression. Say hello to Expo the Dog!

    As you can see, that gives me plenty to work with. The only thing is, it's not as simple as just moving the picture's mouth around and flipping and re-sizing. I first must get to know the character and position him in a variety of ways to fully understand how I will move him. This takes lots of drawing, and I start with getting to know his basic shapes first. After carefully examining the drawing above, I created my own version in which Expo is still happy, but with a mouth closed. Also, you may notice that he is looking directly at you as opposed to off to the side. As you can see, this character will definately connect with an audience very easily, which is a plus in having a cartoon featured with such a friendly character. Here is is!

    In other news, Jeffery Short and his crew have sent me some of the raw audio for the voicing of all the characters that will be featured. I must say, it's definately some great work (as usual). I have the entire scripting for Expo FULLY recorded, and even a couple of the animals as well. Hang in there, guys! It's gonna be a good one!

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