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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Advertising Updates

    Dear Smirk Studios Fans,

    Well, I had a technical run-in with some of my software that I use for recording. Specifically speaking, it was telling me that I needed to register and could not countinue until I did. The problem is, I already REGISTERED it! So since I could not for the life of me fix the problem, I side-stepped it by using another program, and even though it is a little tougher to use, it got the job done. Problem solved!

    On a personal note, my script for Charmingly Linda's Quality Consignments is fully recorded, and I will be getting to the rough draft here shortly. The way that works is that I will draw up a frame or two for each scene in the commercial that will help me know where I will be doing what. The rough draft is in essence the final draft as well, and after it is finished, all I have to do is animate over top of the rough cut. Pretty simple at that point, but that is also when I pay the most attention. You may notice that in some cartoons by less experienced artists that some things are distorted irregularly or maybe some parts are not fully colored in. That will NOT be the case in mine!

    Another note on that topic is that I have been touching base with a couple that will be having some work done, and they are not quite ready for work yet. They have paid for it, but found that it is tougher than they thought to come up with ideas! I called them today to assure them that if they could not come up with something, I could take a list of stuff they want in the script and put it together for them. While that does make things a bit more complicated for me, I could sure use the practice, so keep that in mind, folks!

    That's about it! Stay tuned into my Newgrounds page for details on the latest cartoons, and my website for the latest artwork and various other things! Seeya!

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