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    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Welcome to my BLOG

    Welcome to my blog everyone! This is where you will see things related to advertisement sales and various other things related to my business, smirkstudios.com. I will post things like finished work that I do for people, that way you can see what I do and possibley further my business audience.

    More specifically, I am trying to make a name for myself as a cartoonist, but with the economy the way it is, I cannot just sit around and animate for free!!! I do cartoons in my spare time, and have no other job really, so this is it. I'm trying out a new method of making money, which is to use my talents to do so. In other words, I make and sell commercials, logo art, advertisements, banners, web design, and much more. If you need help in the graphics department, I'm your man! Just give me a buzz through my website.

    Thanks for tuning in! For more info on cartoon projects that are non business related, check out my website and smirkstudios.newgrounds.com!

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